Bence Feher

A software developer from Pittsburgh living and working in Japan.

My name is Bence Feher and I make mobile apps both personally and professionally. I am currently the lead developer and head of mobile app development at Fukui Byora Co. Ltd.

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Japanese.

Currently, I find myself in Fukui-ken where I live with my wife, our baby, and two cats. When I'm not locked away working on some code, you can usually find me at the nearest sushi bar or race track.

Most of the apps I make are Enterprise and so I can't publish them publicly :(
However, I have a few toy apps that I made just for fun when the idea strikes me just right. I also created and maintain many iOS controls such as BFPaper kit, a library that mimics google's Polymer Material Design for iOS!

Aurebesh IO

Aurebesh IO © 2016 Bence Feher. All rights reserved.

Aurebesh IO © 2016 Bence Feher. All rights reserved.

Aurebesh IO (IO = in out!) is a simple as can be translator between the Aurebesh and English languages!

Features Include:

  • Aurebesh keyboard for direct Aurebesh input!
  • New font that supports ALL characters and ligatures! Typing 'oo', 'th', 'ng', etc will automatically be replaced by their respective Aurebesh double characters!  
  • Accent mark support!  
  • New interface that is much more straightforward and easy to understand.  
  • Exported text now has a glowing effect!  
  • A symbol table for easy lookup when you spot some Aurebesh in the wild!
  • View your message in English or Aurebesh!
  • Save your message to your camera roll for posting on social media!
    • Most sites do not support displaying Aurebesh as a font. By saving your message to your camera roll, you can post it anywhere you want as an image! 

Start sending imperial orders to your friends, family, boss, and/or rebel spies today!

AurebeshINV font by Tycho_Ordo
Aurebesh IO Copyright © 2016 Bence Feher. All rights reserved.

Like Aurebesh IO? Show your support and convince me to update it by donating! Any amount is welcome! You will be directly contributing to my food/student loan payments.

Note: I cannot guarantee that some of this money will not be used to purchase small quantities of alcohol.